Civil Mechanical Electrical – CME Projects – Working Experiences

Civil Mechanical Electrical – CME Projects – Working Experiences

Civil Mechanical Electrical

Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction and we strive for that in all we do

Our Company Groups have range experiences from civil project, mechanical project and electrical project experiences, we had complete many CME ( Civil Mechanical Electrical ) projects. We are honored to share with you a few documentation from fields, please find slide show below for your references.

Here are our product and services, most of our product made from FRP (Fibre-reinforced plastic) or commonly called fiberglass

1. Electrical Panel Box

2. Camouflage & Aesthetic Teleco Tower

3. Water Tank and Chemical Tank

4. Conveyor Belt Frame

5. Industrial Waste Incinerator

6. Recycle Bin 3 Container

7. Water Park, Water Boom , Water Slider, Swimming Pools

8. Surveillance UAV

9. Pistol Box Packaging for Military

10. Delivery Box for restaurant


Other Products and Services :

1. Micro Hydro Power Plant, Turbine Types :

  • Cross flow
  • Pelton
  • Francis
  • Kaplan/Propeller

2. Pipe Lining and Coating

3. Fiberglass Laminate Structure

Produk Lainnya :  Desain Toilet Fiberglass Modern Dengan Spesifikasi Lengkap

Looking for a partner/sub-contractor in local or overseas CME projects (Civil Mechanical Electrical) ?

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